“Ten years after starting our business, we needed to reevaluate and refocus. Barbara and Travis helped us analyze our operations, define new markets, establish goals and weave it all together into a successful business plan. If you want to be successful, you want to talk to Barbara and Travis.”
Todd Brunner
President Brunner Construction

“BETS Consulting offers exceptional expertise and experience that enable clients to achieve success. Both Travis and Barbara have provided valuable counsel to our organization. Their understanding of financial planning tools, performance metrics, strategic planning and community relations make them extremely effective champions for business.”
Louise Stanton-Masten
President Everett Area Chamber of Commerce

“I trust BETS Consulting; I find their process consistently provides value-added results. They’re very knowledgeable, experienced and business-savvy. Their collaborative approach offers well thought out, in-depth options that generate solutions. They consistently point me in the direction I need to go.”
Quentin Clark
President, QRC, Inc. & the Academy for Coach Training

“Barbara is a highly skilled and respected community leader who builds business relationships that benefit everyone. She is extremely insightful at assessing areas of strength and providing guidance in areas needing improvement. She truly helps others to be their best.”
Tom Robinson
President/CEO, Volunteers of America

“The strategies BETS Consulting developed for Community Transit have successfully increased our visibility among key stakeholders. They always deliver as promised.”
Joyce Olson
Community Transit, Chief Executive Officer

“They are a catalyst for economic development at both the micro and macro levels in Snohomish County; and very effective at forging effective public/private partnerships.”
Deborah Knutson
President, Snohomish County Economic Development Council

“Travis provided me with the tools to clarify my firm’s vision. He worked with me to identify the goals and strategies necessary to achieve that vision. I now feel energized and confident about our future success.”
Charlotte Maris
CPA, Maris & Associates

“Based on his genuine interest in our success, Travis helped take our business to the next level. He defined critical performance metrics and aligned our strategy. He continues to be a great resource and partner in our growth.”
Richard Schlosser
President, Electronic Business Machines

“The professionals at BETS Consulting have provided valuable strategic counsel that we could not have found elsewhere. They know the local community like no one else.”
Todd Morrow
Director of Public Affairs, Community Transit

“Barbara has her fingers on the pulse on the business community in Snohomish County. She helped us immediately pinpoint the best avenues for accomplishing our marketing goals and worked with us to make them happen.”
Ken Green
Executive Director, Community Health Center Snohomish County

“Travis is truly the “Chairman of the Board” when it comes to finance, accounting, business structure and strategic planning. Quite frankly, I can’t think of anyone his equal.”
Peter Talbott
President, The Talbott Group

“BETS Consulting is my go-to-place. Their extensive range of expertise provides me with critical guidance in finances, strategic marketing, community initiatives and government relations. I am confident in referring people to BETS knowing they will be treated with respect and integrity.”
Jean Hales
President, South Snohomish County Chamber of Commerce

“BETS Consulting brings an unparalleled combination of intellectual capital and integrity to the table. From the 30,000 foot level to the street…they get it. I frequently rely and act on their counsel.”
Andrew Ballard
President, Marketing Solutions, Inc.

“Barbara understands our political environment and process, as well as the needs of our community; which allows her to be exceptionally effective at bringing about positive changes wherever she is involved.”
Randy Lyman
CEO, Randy’s Ring & Pinion