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BETS consulting is a collaboration by Barbara Earl and Travis Snider (BE-TS), who have combined their years of experience as financial and marketing executives to provide unique coaching services for local business owners and corporate executives.

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Our Services & Solutions

We offer a number of services and tools to help companies achieve growth and productivity.

We will work with you to determine which services best meet your needs.

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When you contact us we will work together to determine the services that are right for you. With our expert guidance and straight forward advice you’ll discover that you can achieve phenomenal things.

Contact us. Together we will discuss effective strategies.


Executive Coaching

It takes compelling leadership and a powerful vision to grow a company. High energy and passion for the business are also critical. Not everyone has developed all of the necessary skills it takes to manage effectively, but in time they can be developed.

When you enter a coaching relationship with our principals, you can expect to gain a clearer sense of purpose and develop the skills necessary to make positive changes in your company. As coaches, we know how to listen, ask the right questions, make thoughtful connections and help build leadership skills. We will guide you to higher performance and inspire you to be an effective leader.

Through coaching and insightful direction, we can also steer you toward that ever-important balance between your business and personal life. Many business owners and executives feel overwhelmed and pulled in too many directions. We’ll show you how finding time to enjoy life outside the company can actually be good for your business!


Profit Strategies and Ideas

Improving profits in any company is a state of mind. It requires planning, execution, discipline and accountability. BETS Consulting can help you assess your profit potential and create improvement strategies just right for your business.

We start with an in-depth discussion of your vision for the company, the resources you have available, your core competencies and the critical factors that lead to success or failure. We will show you how truly successful companies get results and we can help create strategies that will allow you to succeed.

Our clients routinely find that in working with us, they gain a clearer sense of direction, learn what drives profit and identify their most valuable and profitable priorities. This leads to better strategy execution and, ultimately, growth in revenues and profits.

Company Value

Building Company Value

Of course business owners know that company value is important. Yet, often the business planning doesn’t include steps to focus on valuation. Owners have high expectations for the value of their companies, but seldom create specific strategies to make it happen.

At BETS consulting, we understand that successful companies provide their owners with cash flow in two ways. Net income and cash flow are generated by daily operations providing salaries and dividends. Long term wealth is created as the company grows and become more profitable. The ultimate price a buyer is willing to pay is based on the size of the company, profitability and growth rate. Maximizing long term value is always a major objective of our coaching.

Team Development

Executive Team Development

Each company that expects to grow must develop top-notch employee and mangers. The tasks of recruiting, developing, coaching, and establishing accountability are ones that are often new to business owners. Over time, you can’t do it alone. You need the right people on your team. But, not everyone is right for the team.

We can help find the right people, create job descriptions and accountability and build a highly effective management team.

Community Relations Planning

Community Relations Planning

Your community is a complex network of companies, opinion leaders, elected officials, government organizations, special interest groups, and citizens– all of whom can have enormous impact on your business. Do you need to give voice to your issues? Do you need to build trust with the community so that the community works with you to achieve great things?

When you work with BETS Consulting to establish community relations programs and initiatives you will focus on how to build the public’s trustdiscover and respond to community needs, instill pride in your employees and enhance your company image.

BETS Consulting can help your voice be heard on issues that matter to you and your business. We can help you build community trust and support. Our programs range from informal networking opportunities, speaking engagements, strategic positioning on public issues, connection with the community leadership, and well-placed service on local boards of directors. In all cases, we define the purpose of the activity and target the results being sought.